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About Klean First Professionals, Charlotte, NC

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We began our business to exceed expectations for residential, institutional, and commercial cleaning.

At Klean First Professionals, we recognized that while there were many commercial cleaning companies serving the Charlotte, North Carolina area, most were leaving their customers disappointed with the level of professionalism and the cleaning results. We began our business in July of 1996 to do nothing less than exceed expectations, and we have consistently done so with our residential, institutional, and commercial cleaning expertise.

About Klean First Professionals in Charlotte, North Carolina

We also noticed that many commercial cleaning companies had a long list of things they wouldn’t do as part of their annual cleaning contracts. We are far more flexible in that regard, so don’t hesitate to mention specialty services such as floor stripping & waxing and fleet washing. We want to be a part of making your business squeaky clean because we believe you, your staff, and your customers deserve a clean and healthy environment.

We give the same attention to detail to whatever type of building we are cleaning, including homes, medical facilities, churches, schools, daycare facilities, and more. To ensure that your area is as healthy as possible, we offer electrostatic disinfectant. Since we also offer pressure washing, even the cleanliness of the exterior of your building can be addressed.

Commercial cleaning and our other services are always completed with care and dedication. We don’t rush through each property to squeeze in more jobs in a day than makes sense. We work a longer day than most and increase our workforce as needed to be sure our customers’ needs are met and their satisfaction is assured. Reach out today to learn more or schedule service at your home, institution or business.