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How Often Should You Schedule Commercial Steam Cleaning?

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If you operate a commercial business, you know that keeping your offices and customer areas clean is critical. The question is, how often should you schedule something like commercial steam cleaning to keep your business looking its best?

How Often Should You Schedule Commercial Steam Cleaning?

Here are some rules of thumb for the frequency with which to schedule commercial steam cleaning:

  • Once Per Month – High-traffic areas of your business should be cleaned frequently, and commercial steam cleaning should be scheduled as often as once per month. This ensures that dirt, dust, pollen, and grime are removed from your flooring surfaces and you have a clean facility to walk into each day. You may wish to schedule commercial steam cleaning more often if you have spills or grime tracked through your main working areas.
  • Quarterly – For areas like administrative offices and hallways, quarterly commercial steam cleaning services will do the trick. This frequency ensures that your flooring is well maintained throughout the year without disrupting the normal flow of activity through your business.
  • Twice Per Year – Rooms and areas with much less usage, like office board rooms and conference rooms, are often fine with commercial steam cleaning twice per year. You may also choose to have these rooms cleaned ahead of specific conference dates that you know are on the calendar.

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