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Tips for More Effective Daycare Cleaning

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Owning and operating a daycare comes with a lot of joy, but it also has great responsibilities. If you’re finding yourself swamped with your to-do list and don’t have enough time for daycare cleaning like you’d prefer, here are some tips to keep your facility clean and ready for children and employees each day.

Tips for More Effective Daycare Cleaning

  1. Clean By Room – When you look at your entire facility, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the cleaning there is to be done. One way to combat daycare cleaning overwhelm is to focus on cleaning one room at a time and take time to clean each room well. Even if it takes a day or two to get to each of the rooms needing attention, focusing solely on one room at a time won’t seem like quite as much of a chore.
  2. Use a Cleaning Calendar – While certain parts of your facility likely receive routine cleaning, some areas may not get as much attention as they need. One way to combat this is to keep a daycare cleaning calendar on which you assign specific areas to be cleaned regularly. For example, maybe you schedule monthly storage room cleaning or plan for exterior daycare cleaning each quarter. This ensures your entire facility is clean and ready to use all year.
  3. Plan for Professionals – Professional daycare cleaning is an excellent investment when you want to ensure that your facility is up to code and meets your customers’ expectations. Even if you do regular cleaning on your own, having the professionals come in will ensure that every room is cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom, making it a safe and fun environment for everyone who comes through the door.

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