Keep the Wheels on the Bus Rolling Round and Round

Klean First washes Charlotte, NC school buses with pride

If you're a bus driver, you essentially have a mobile office. Klean First is known for providing comprehensive office cleaning services to the Charlotte, North Carolina region, but we can hose down your fleet of buses, too. Throughout the day, all sorts of grime latches onto your wheels and scuffs up your paintwork. Klean First will swiftly eliminate unsightly dirt and stains.

Contact our cleaning crew at (704)-573-9600 to request your bus cleaning estimate. We'll help you get your students from point A to point B in style.

Is your school on our monthly roster?

Is your school on our monthly roster?

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools employs Klean First Professionals to keep its fleet clean and shiny. If you're in charge of transportation for a different school system, call our local cleaning business to get quality service you can count on. Our monthly bus washings are similar to car washes, except we bring our cleaning team and equipment to you.