Have Your Floors Lost Their Shine?

Have Your Floors Lost Their Shine?

Choose us for floor cleaning services in Charlotte, NC

If your commercial walkways look dirty and worn, hire Klean First Professionals to restore their appearance. We provide floor cleaning services in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our licensed and insured team can clean all types of flooring. We'll work around your schedule to give your floors the deep clean they need.

Reach out to us today to make an appointment for floor cleaning services.

We offer comprehensive floor cleaning services

You can count on us to make your floors look as good as new. Our work includes:

  • Stripping. We'll remove wax buildup to make your floors shiny and clean again. Our team will then apply a finish using SC Johnson, 3M or Hillyard products.
  • Waxing. We'll apply an even coat of wax to reduce the need for excessive floor stripping and cleaning.
  • Buffing. We'll buff your floors to give them a sleek, polished look. Our team handles spray buffing and high-speed polishing jobs.
Whether you need floor polishing or floor waxing services in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can count on us for a job well-done. Call (704)-573-9600 now to arrange for floor buffing or floor waxing services.