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Floor Stripping, Charlotte, NC

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Floor stripping can keep your flooring clean, dry, and visually appealing.

When you think about cleaning your commercial space, you probably consider the maintenance tasks, such as wiping down surfaces, deep cleaning high-touch areas, and taking out trash and other waste. However, certain tasks are essential in a commercial facility as they contribute to the overall cleanliness and appearance of the interior. One of these tasks is floor stripping, which is a must if you have any type of hard flooring that has a layer of wax as its top layer. Wood, tile, linoleum, and vinyl are all examples of commercial flooring that may need to be stripped routinely.

Floor Stripping in Charlotte, North Carolina

Floor stripping can keep your flooring clean, dry, and visually appealing. The process involves removing the wax layer that sits over the top of the floors. This layer is designed to protect the flooring, reducing the risk of damage to the material beneath. However, over time, dirt and grime can get trapped beneath the wax layer, resulting in a dingy appearance even after you’ve finished mopping. Removing the layer completely and replacing it with a fresh layer of material can restore your floors to look like new again. Additionally, the removal of the layer helps to eliminate any moisture that may be trapped against the flooring, which reduces the risk of mold growth, warping, and water stains.

Our technicians at Klean First Professionals specialize in floor stripping. We’ll come into your Charlotte, North Carolina property with the tools and equipment needed to safely and properly strip your flooring. We can also place the new wax layer, leaving your floors sparkling clean and very appealing to those who visit the space.

At Klean First Professionals, we offer floor stripping services in Charlotte, Mooresville, Huntersville, Mint Hill, Cornelius, and Matthews, North Carolina.